Guillaume Chastagnol, welcome to team FLYSURFER. Guillaume, an Olympic snowboard competitor from France has been a pioneer in the snowkiting scene. Guillaume has big plans to continue to push snowkiting into new territory with the support of FLYSURFER. Find out more by reading the news, provided by FLYSURFER, below.

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding is proud to announce the addition of Guillaume Chastagnol to the FLYSURFER family. This snowkite legend and former Olympic athlete has helped to evolve snowkiting to where it is right now and is a perfect ambassador for the sport.

Chasta: “In 1998 I discovered kite sports, I tried it on both snow and water, even on a volcano (Mount Etna), and I’m in love with this sport since the beginning. It has given me wings!”

Snowkite offers you the possibility to use the mountains in 3 dimensions, there is no need for a ski lift anymore. Quite soon after getting more into snowkiting, I’ve been supported by sponsors like Red Bull and Nitro snowboards, which gave me the opportunity to push snowkiting more and travel around the world for it. I was able to win several world titles in snowkiting competitions after my snowboard career. (Chasta finished 5th in the Nagano Olympic Games in Snowboard Half Pipe).

“My love for kitesurfing pushed me for years, but I spent the last 4 years in my second home, Tahiti, to support my family, which is why I have not been in the mountains for a while. However, kitesurfing still remained part of my daily routine.”

Now, am lucky to be supported by FLYSURFER kiteboarding and I’m returning to my roots and passion, snowkiting. It is so good to be back this year with so much snow in my garden, the Serre Chevalier valley where I’ve spent so many great winter seasons. It’s also great to meet my good friends here who are still pushing the sport and helping progress it even more.
FLYSURFER has evolved a lot the last years and I am super stoked to be flying their kites. I was very comfortable with them from the first flight. I first tried the PEAK3 single-skin foilkite for a freeride tour in Cervières, which is a perfect kite for safe and efficient backcountry sessions in high mountains. After I tried the SPEED5 for flying and freestyling at the Lautaret pass, I was hooked. During the freestyle competition of SnowKiteMaster in Alpe d’Huez I used the STOKE which is great for freestyle and unhooked tricks.

My plan is to do more competitions this winter, including the Snowkite Roccarrasso freeride race and maybe a few others. Why not a trip to Mount Shasta? It’s a great mountain that almost has my name. I also hope to keep promoting the brand in the southern hemisphere, of course on the water in Tahiti and on snow in New Zealand. Why not go farther… some snowkite clinics and progression weeks with me are planned for next season.”

The FLYSURFER team is very pleased and proud to have Chasta on board. Guillaume is one of the best snowkite riders out there and a very nice guy, always motivated for a chat, friendly ride or a pro event. It’s so good to see his smile back in the mountains.

Sat 10th Feb, 2018 @ 12:00 am

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