Like it or not, kiteboarding is dependent on the conditions. Forecast beta from a local weather expert can mean the difference between a great day and getting skunked. WINDY is a weather app that is loaded with features that will help you make decisions about where and when to ride. Keep reading to find out more from the WINDY team.

Community is what brings wind sport enthusiasts together. Focus on community is also a distinctive feature of WINDY – a wind and marine weather forecast app. It is a truly universal tool, offering wind, wave and tide forecasts for kiters, surfers, sailors, fishermen, windsurfers, paragliders, skydivers and all the lovers of outdoor activities.

The app features an animated wind map with global 1- and 3-hour wind and weather forecasts that look ahead as far as 10 days. The detailed forecast tells you exactly what you need to know, including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure, precipitation, clouds, swell and tide graphs. Plus, with WINDY, users can monitor and track hurricanes to stay safe.

However, it is the community focus that makes WINDY really stand out among other apps. Ordinary weather apps have an obvious weakness: accuracy. They tend to err and may just waste your time if you end up traveling to a spot in vain. But locals know which forecast you should believe, making your journey to a location worthwhile and your experience unforgettable.

WINDY is developed in close contact with users, displaying nearby spots ranked by popularity, with chats for getting in touch with locals. Now, users can get answers to their questions and feedback from local, like-minded enthusiasts within minutes. Chats are even available for less popular spots.

Locals can make surf predictions, recommend a reliable weather forecast and help you to find kite schools, accommodation and places for an evening get-together. Needless to say, insider information and tips can open hidden doors, helping you become part of the local community, which makes understanding each spot much easier.

WINDY, available for iOS and Android devices, offers data from over 30,000 locations with the option of adding spots to favorites and searching among spots or weather stations.

Thu 7th Sep, 2017 @ 12:00 am

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