You’re stoked. You booked a kiteboarding holiday to your dream spot, Tahiti let’s say, and you just arrived ready to ride. The problem is, the forecast you use at your home spot isn’t very helpful here. You don’t have many days, and you don’t want to spend your time trying to figure out the wind and swell. You want to kite! Enter the WINDY App — a weather and forecasting app with a social component. Get reliable forecasts for popular spots around the world combined with a chat function that will connect you with locals. Find out more about the app from WINDY, following.

Every kitesurfer needs a pro tool to make the right decision and he/she always needs a community to chat with to collaborate on finding the best spots. So, we are glad to present you the best wind and marine weather forecast app that can answer everyday questions about the weather and your safety and that can make you feel a member of a large family of riders.

One of the distinctive features of WINDY is the community focus that brings wind sports enthusiasts together. The usual weather apps tend to fail, but locals know which forecast you should trust.

Riders in local live chats can make surf predictions, recommend a reliable weather forecast, help you find a kiteschool, accommodation or an onsite bar for an evening get-together. Using WINDY spot-chats can not only bring you an unforgettable experience but also many new friends or teachers.

WINDY is developed in close contact with users, displaying nearby spots ranked by popularity, with chats for getting in touch with locals. Now you can get answers to your questions and feedback from local, like-minded enthusiasts within minutes. Chats are even available for less popular spots.

Needless to say, insider information and tips can open hidden doors, helping you become part of the local community, which makes understanding each spot so much easier.

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To go or not to go – that’s your question for WINDY! With it you’ll catch the right conditions and never miss your best ride!

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Tue 13th Feb, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

By Lindsay McClure
Lindsay is a pro rider from Hood River in the USA, she works for IKSURFMAG as our Features Editor and is an integral part of the team. Lindsay is really into wakestyle riding and can be found in the Hood River Slider Park during the summer months, she also travels all over the world with the World Class Academy helping younger riders develop through kiteboarding!

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