After five days in the sun, the 2017 World Kiteboarding League Youth Cup is a wrap. Throughout the week, these young riders proved they have the talent and drive to push competitive kiteboarding to even higher levels. Continue reading to find a full list of the top finishers in each category, provided by the WKL.

The final day arrived here at the WKL Youth Cup, ending a fantastic 5-day event with incredible wind conditions, and showcasing all of the up-and-coming talent that we hope to see in the Elite league very soon.

The WKL works closely with the Clean Ocean Project as our charity partner, and each day we organized a beach cleanup with the competitors to ensure that we leave the beach even better than how we found it. Teaching the young riders to be environmentally conscious and to take care of the beach and ocean is an important foundation.

The prize giving ceremony for the 79 registered athletes was held at the Ballena Alegre Camping at 4 pm. The WKL would like to congratulate all the winners from each category, as well as all the participants, for making this such a special event.

All participants were awarded a diploma for participation in the WKL Youth Cup. A raffle was also held, where everyone won a prize from our various sponsors. Thank you to Cabrinha who generously donated two boards, bindings, hats and T-shirts, to Manera for donating wetsuits and t-shirts, and to North Kiteboarding, for also donating a selection of t-shirts and hats for our delighted participants.

The WKL would also like to thank the local organisation for all of their hard work during this event. The Ballena Alegre has been an ideal location for hosting the Youth Cup, and we look forward to returning again next year.

Keep an eye on this new generation of riders, as they are rising fast and will soon be the new faces of Elite kiteboarding.

Final overall results

Boys 8-11:
1st – Jeremy Burlando
2nd – Romain Allemand
3rd  – Keiki Mar
4th – Flavio De Lima Solitro

Boys 12-14:
1st – Jonas Ouahmid
2nd – Guilherme Penha Costa
3rd – Omar Modrek
4th – Oscar Perrineau

Boys 15-16:
1st – Maxime Chabloz
2nd – Manoel Soares Dos Santos Neto
3rd – Valentin Rodriguez
4th – Nino Liboni

Boys 17-18:
1st – Adeuri Corniel
2nd – Juan Rodriguez
3rd – Louka Pitot
4th – Lorenzo Calcaño

Girls 8-14:
1st – Osaia Reding
2nd – Mikaili Sol
3rd – Matilda Roux
4th – Anna Hashem

Girls 14-18:
1st – Claudia Leon
2nd – Pippa Van Iersel
3rd – Sorsha Van der Ark
4th – Raquel Osorio

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