Yet again the Ride Up team are going on massive adventures with their kites in the mountains! If this doesn’t inspire you to go snowkiting then we don’t know what will. Incredible, must watch footage!

French Holidays are over. Time to move far away from the ski lift.
We directly have been in a perfect place : Le Queyras, refuge de la Blanche. One of the wildest place in the South Alps.
It was nice to see again my friends Hugues, Valere , yan , Bastou, Wawa and Pascal Joubert just back from the US.
We had strong wind conditions riding with the 8 Summit. Unfortunately the powder was gone but we get good rides everywhere in the mountains and flying in front of the refuge where we had a deep sleep after a Genepy bottle !!
Video should come soon about this little trip.


Sat 8th Apr, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

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