GIN KITEBOARDING is excited to celebrate their 10th Aniversary. To mark the occasion, they will be releasing new products and taking a moment to reflect on their history. Find out the scoop, provided by GIN KITEBOARDING, below.

The Year 2007 saw the start of a beautiful adventure, the birth of the first Swiss kitesurfing and snowkiting brand: GIN KITEBOARDING. The passion for this discipline is a true source of inspiration for the brand which distinguishes itself thanks to its authenticity, its quality, reliability and innovation with its products and services.

GIN KITEBOARDING, how it all started and its history

Initially produced under the name GIN Gliders, specialists of the paragliding world, it’s in 2007 that the GIN kites really took flight with the creation of the label “GIN KITEBOARDING”. A new name, a new logo, a new identity; the Swiss brand founded by Fabienne Kaufmann becomes an autonomous business, independent and entirely dedicated to kiteboarding equipment. Established in Neuveville on the shore of Bienna Lake in Switzerland, GIN KITEBOARDING is now managed since 2013 by BLUE BOARDSPORTS SA.

GIN KITEBOARDING, a team of enthusiasts

Fabienne Kaufmann is the soul of GIN KITEBOARDING. Fabienne was a physical education teacher and a paragliding fanatic when she discovered kitesurfing back in the year 2000 on the shores of Neuchâtel Lake in Switzerland. Fabienne rapidly became addicted to this new sport and took every opportunity to get her kite out, on the water or on the snow. Three years later she was crowned world champion in snowkiting and her passion led her naturally to work in the environment in which she thrives.

Jonas Hiller, ambassador and owner. Originally from the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland, Jonas was an international ice hockey player. He played nine years for the prestigious National Hockey League (NHL). He took part in the ice hockey world championships four times and twice in the winter Olympic games as first team goalie for the Swiss squad. He actually plays with the EHC Bienne and will be part of the Swiss team for the next world championships. In 2012 Jonas discovered his passion for kiting and bought his first equipment from the GIN KITEBOARDING brand. Close to the values the brand conveys, he met Fabienne and closely followed the evolution of the Swiss label. In 2015 he decided to invest in the company and became the major shareholder.

GIN KITEBOARDING, an anniversary, some new products

GIN KITEBOARDING is the result of ten years of experience and passion. 2017 will be filled with new launches for the Swiss brand as they’ll be unveiling several new products:

The CANNIBAL 2, our most recent tube kite that all freestylers are already going crazy about – Spring 2017.

The control bar GIN & TONIC v3, certified to the security standard AFNOR which guarantees an efficient security system in all situations – Spring 2017

A special, limited edition board, 100% Swiss made! This “ECO-BOARD” is a one-of-a-kind environmentally friendly board made only of Swiss wood and ecological materials such as cotton fibers and beans! – Summer 2017
The EGOIST 2, a new tube kite that provides excellent freeride and wave performance – Autumn 2017
An innovative and highly performing foil kite for snow – Winter 2017


Authentic and passionate, GIN KITEBOARDING athletes share the same values as the Swiss brand. GIN KITEBOARDING is represented throughout the world thanks to these national and international riders ; but it’s the Ambassadors who truly set apart the GIN KITEBOARDING tribe members from those of other brands. These internationally renowned athletes excel in their different disciplines and outside of their professional activities, share the same passion for kiting: Nils Frei (SUI), sailor, Alinghi team member and winner of the America Cup, Xavier de Le Rue (FRA), third times freeride snowboarding world champion, Marie Tabarly (FRA), daughter of the famous sailor Eric, who is preparing for a tour round the world in her father’s boat; the Pen-Duick VI, and last but not least, Jonas Hiller (SUI), professional ice hockey player and owner of the brand.

The riders and ambassadors trust the GIN KITEBOARDING products and broadcast the Swiss brand’s colors throughout the world. As proactive and true actors in the evolution of the brand, they also contribute to its development. With a strong ten years of experience behind it, GIN KITEBOARDING offers a range of efficient, reliable and durable products and can be proud to rely on its tribe. For more information about the other tribe members check out

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