BOOM! Here’s something a little different! Noè Font has been working on this edit for ages and it’s really paid off, the best kiteboarding movie you will watch all week, could he be the new Aaron Hadlow of the younger generation? With a stylish and cool intro, an all killer no filler mid section and a poignant ending this is a must watch!

“Melancholy (in cursive)” is a short film by Noè Font illustrating a different vision of a place we very well know. An ode to its personality, the reason why it is so special.

We filmed from dawn to dusk for two weeks straight and thats it, its over now.

Special thanks to The Slider Project, Craig, Colleen, Tommy, Toby, North USA and Brent & Genevieve Guinn.

Presented by North Kiteboarding.
Supported by ION & North.
Produced by The Cluster.
Digital Cinematography by Vincent Bergeron.
Still photography by Toby Bromwich.
Narrated by Merel Summerhill.
Additional cinematography & post Noe Font.

“You broke my heart. The damage is done. You played with us, teased our souls and drained our patience. Filming for this project has been the toughest of all the films. Brazil is easy to shoot, this place is different. We’re going for gold. You were a bit of a son of a bitch, but I’m not giving up. I’ll come back for more soon.” —Noè

Mon 7th Nov, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

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