No need to lose any precious time on the water this summer! The FLYSURFER SPEED5 21.o m has launched. This behemoth kite is a gentle giant. Find out more about this exciting kite that makes no-wind-days ancient history. Continue reading the details from FLYSURFER that follow.

The latest addition to our beloved SPEED5 line-up is finally here, the mythical 21.0m! You are now ready to go full SPEED into this summer season. Extend your kite quiver with one of the most unique and beloved FLYSURFER Kiteboarding products, the all-new SPEED5 in 21.0m. Spice up the sky with our 21.0m in heavenly cyan blue.

The magnificent light wind performance and impressive fast turning speed of the “big sizes” are unmatched on the closed-cell foil kite market. The 21.0m makes it possible to kite in the slightest breeze but remains controllable when the wind picks up. The SPEED5 still is the best kite for the highest all-around performance on any terrain.

The SPEED5 is a true multi-talent on the water, especially because of its big-air potential and incredible hang time. Each SPEED5 size makes it possible to see to world from above. Jumping has never been so easy and this much fun in light wind.

The complete SPEED5 line-up 6.0/9.0/12.0/15.0/18.0/21.0m is available now

Wed 13th Jul, 2016 @ 9:00 pm

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