Foil kites are becoming more and more popular, but they don’t come cheap, and most of them feature plastic ribs which help give the leading edge its shape. We’re all used to stuffing kites into bags wet and sandy and generally giving them a bit of a tough life, but for the more kit conscientious riders out there Ozone have a solution! The Closed Cell Kompressor bag allows you to neatly pack your pride and joy foil kite away and keep the plastic ribs in perfect condition. Not only that but it also packs down small for flying and is lightweight too.

Product Info

The Kompressor Bag keeps the leading edge plastic profile battens concertinaed in the same way we pack the kites in our factory.

It requires a little more time to pack a kite, however, we highly recommend using it as this protects the kite and the Leading Edge battens from potential deformation.

Lightweight materials, internal compression straps and a breathable mesh lining keep weight and packing size to a minimum – perfect when travelling with multiple kites.

The Closed Cell Kompressor bag is specially designed for our high-performance foil kites such as the Chrono and R1.

Kite & Bag Size

R1: 6/7/8/9
Chrono: 7/9


R1: 10/11/13
Chrono: 11/13


R1: 15/17/19
Chrono: 15/18

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Wed 20th Jul, 2016 @ 12:38 pm

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