Woah, check out how good these waves are! Looks like a VERY cold version of One Eye to us! Cato the Viking has been kitesurfing during the frigid winters in Norway all his life, with the right gear he doesn’t feel the cold, and he gets to score these spots with hardly anyone else out too! Now, where did we leave that 6mm wetsuit?

“Five years back me and my family decided to move to the best kite spot in Norway, Jæren Norway.

The west coast area called Jæren offers amazing waves, and a lot of different spots all along the coastline. Where I came from there where no wave spots, only flat water so I was then totally hooked to freestyle. It didn’t take long before I got my first Magnum surf board, and since then it`s been all about the waves for me.

The wave season is during winter, so it can get really cold some days! You need to have the right gear, and the Viking spirit. During the winter storms the wild North Sea can produce waves raging as big as 20+ feet, and it can get pretty violent and dangerous along Jæren coastline. But most of the time it`s pretty safe, and you can expect epic surf!

The North Sea produces waves true most of the winter, and you can get world class waves both for ordinary surf and kitesurf. It`s such an amazing place to live! I’ve been shooting a lot this winter, and have put together a little video from the epic winter days along Jæren coastline”

Tue 5th Apr, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

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