It’s always interesting to get some insights from behind the scenes, especially when the designers talk about their vision for a kite and how they achieved it! Andi Hanrieder from Flysurfer and Flyboards talks about how he went about making the new Boost2 the ultimate freeride machine…

The BOOST2 is the third L.E.I. product from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding. The BOOST2’s redefined canopy delivers spot on high performance for any riding style. This powerhouse is best for hooked in boosting and stands for the ultimate freeriding feeling. Whether you are ripping waves or go for full-on freestyle, the BOOST2 is a true crossover kite for magical moments on the water.
No un-sudden surprises with responsive and intuitive bar-feedback, easy relaunch and high stability even in the strongest gales and gusts. High performance with maximum control.

BOOST2 Main features:

.. Free Flow 2.0 Valve
.. D2 Double RipStop
.. Force Frame
.. Adaptive Airfoil Bridle Kit
.. Self Launcher 3.0
.. Light-Wind Edition 15.0 LW & 18.0 LW
.. Double 3D-Shape
.. Free Flow 2.0 Handpump
.. Workmanship & 12 month Free Repair warranty by FLYSURFER

Check out all the BOOST2 details on our product page –
BOOST2 … beyond expectation!

Sun 3rd Apr, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

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