Make sure you watch this awe inspiring and majestic light wind kiting film from Flysurfer. It’s almost guaranteed to make you want to buy a foil kite…

Kiteboarding in light winds, some think it is dull, lacking action and does not give you a vibe… We at FLYSURFER think and know otherwise, kiteboarding or kitesurfing in light winds (3 beaufort or less) with the right gear can be awesome and breathtaking.
Butter smooth flat water that you can rip apart fully powered-up, jumping 6+ meters high in winds of 8-10 knots, 2 short tacks that bring you hundreds of meters upwind of you’re starting point, ready to jump again 🙂 for example.

Check out this video edit with FLYSURFER riders Anke Brandt, Christoph Hosing and Jannis Maus on their SONIC-FR kites, filmed on several locations throughout the United Arab Emirates, with winds speeds of no more then 12 knots, combined with some of mother natures breathtaking sundowners.

Shot & Edit by Gregor John Pictures:

Fri 5th Feb, 2016 @ 9:00 am

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