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Karolina Winkowska is back with her latest instalment: The Back Mobe! She breaks the move down into 4 things to focus on – agressive pop, legs above your head, spotting the landing and the landing itself.

In this episode I am talking about a back mobe, and how to do it.
The problem with the backmobe is that everybody does it differently, so it’s really hard to give one instruction that will work for everybody. Some people pass the bar in the air, others want to do it super fast, and the other want to make a huge backroll and land wraped.
That is why I concentrate on 4 things that you should bare in mind while trying a backmobe, which is an agressive pop, legs above your head, spotting the landing and landing.
This is an advanced trick so remember to try it when you are prepared. Don’t forget about the warm up, and be confident about your backroll to toeside.



Wed 23rd Dec, 2015 @ 6:00 pm


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