Earlier this summer the Strapless Society released three incredibly popular short films, now they have combined these to create one stunning 10 minute strapless kiting movie. Grab a beer, sit down and immerse yourself in this awesome production!

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Starring Vasco Santos / Papy Duarte / Hervé Bouré
Shot&Edit by MPS (moups.com)
Our religion pushes us outside of common places, to create surf kite future.Our army is growing fast, and strapless riding explodes. 3 emblematic riders travelled this winter in the search of new spots and to push their level.
Welcome into HB-surfkite world: volcano island surrounded by strong wind & waves, and different style riders ready to rock! One authentic movie which show the Strapless Society progression.

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Thu 10th Sep, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

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