HB Surfkite

HB Surfkite


4 years ago

This 15 minute film really captures the wilderness of Ireland. A full on strapless kitesurfing adventure. It looks outstanding! This is what the Strapless Society…

5 years ago

The strapless front roll is quite possibly the pinnacle of strapless freestyle. If you want to do it then make sure you watch this tutorial!…

7 years ago

Join Alan Kavanagh as he kite big waves in off shore winds in Ireland. Conditions like these are a rare find and Alan was lucky enough…

7 years ago

Earlier this summer the Strapless Society released three incredibly popular short films, now they have combined these to create one stunning 10 minute strapless kiting…

7 years ago

Don't miss the final chapter of the Strapless Society's Get Together series. Vasco Santos, Papy Duarte, and Hervé Bouré awe viewers with seemingly impossible strapless…

7 years ago

You have to see the strapless airs these guys are pulling! The level of strapless kitesurfing continues to rise with Hervé Bouré, Vasco Santos and Papy…

7 years ago

Join Hervé Bouré and his buddies Vasco Santos and Papy Duarte as they take you on a strapless shredfest around Cape Verde! This is beautifully…

HB Surf is the leading brand dedicated to the Strapless discipline, without a compromise on performance or quality of its products.
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