Get some essential tips on the strapless backroll no grab with this awesome little clip from Cato The Kiter. It’s an impressive move to have in your bag of tricks that’s for sure!

Strapless backroll no grab is one of my favorites, it`s just so fun and love the feeling of them!. Here are some tips to help you nail it!

– As all strapless airs, timing is everything!
– The take-off is very important. Keep the kite around 11, do not pull it past 12.
– It help to find a small kicker to practice on.
– Kick hard on tail and pop the board up, just like you would do on a ordinary backroll or backflip
– Keep your knees bend and board close to your body.
– Look over your shoulder to keep the rotation, and try to rotate with your board.
– During the rotation try to keep the bottom of the board into the wind so it will stick to your feet.
– Spot your landing and try to keep a forward momentum true the rotation.
– You might need to kiteloop in the landing sometimes to keep momentum forward
– Keep trying and don`t give up, you will get it in the end!

Sun 9th Aug, 2015 @ 10:00 am

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