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Anyone for a carbon fibre knee? Alongside the usual rad tricks and sick rail slides Tom Court takes us to the Ortema production facility. We find out how their customised knee braces are made and why they can be so important for those of you with knee problems or taking heavy landings on a regular basis.

I have been riding with a knee brace now for over two years to prevent further injuries and put my mind at rest when I am taking those hard landings. Something that I have been meaning to do for a long time was get some proper, customised knee braces made for myself. An opportunity came up to go and check out Ortema to see their production facility, re-habilitation center and exactly what goes into producing a fully customised carbon knee brace. So, I drank my tea and jumped on a plane to Germany to get myself some eductaion…

Health, fitness and injury prevention are a large part of professional sport today. Regardless, weather you are riding motorcross, snowboarding, skiing, wake boarding or kiteboarding as time passes the riders are becoming more committed and aware of the possible injuries. Ortema help to combat this offering a wide range of fully customised protection & rehabilitation solutions from knee braces through to prosthetic limbs and neck braces.

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Wed 29th Apr, 2015 @ 10:00 am


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