The Slingshot Fuel has been around since 2001, which is pretty much the dawn of time as far as kitesurfing goes! It’s always been considered one of the more “hardcore” kites on the market, but now they have gone and stuck a bridle on it, so what do you think, have they made a hardcore kite soft, widened it’s mass appeal, or just sold out to market trends? The good news is the bridle is optional, so if you still want to crush your own balls with your butt cheeks as you send it on a big day you can… Remember this was the kite that Ruben Lenten first learnt to mega loop on, it was also the kite that carried Lewis Crathern over Brighton Pier and there is a multitude of riders who use it to get their kicks on the weekend, hell it even gave me amnesia once! This kite is important, lets hope it hasn’t become impotent… We’ll get it tested as soon as we can and report back with a full test!

Fri 3rd Apr, 2015 @ 11:00 am

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