Grab your cold weather gear, we’re heading to Norway for some serious bluebird snowkiting with Hans-Henrik Gron and friends. These students know how to party on the snow when they’re done revising!

Sometimes student life is hard! Article after article to get knowledge, hour of reading! The workload gets sometimes too much for a poor little kite rider. When abstinence kicks in it is good to look back on a weekend like this 😉 The sun has come back from polar night and glide along the horizon, the sun rays give fantastic light and great moments.

The video are from northern Norway and the kiteriders are members of Tromsø kiteklubb:

check out Norkite for kite equipment:

Buzzcut Season – Lorde
Intro: Gramatik – Orchestrated Incident

Sun 25th Jan, 2015 @ 4:01 pm

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