Brunotti are back again with another new 2015 board for your delectation. This time it’s the Youri Pro, board of choice of 2012 PKRA World Champion Youri Zoon. The new 2015 Youri Pro, lighter, thinner, ADR-Tech rails and most important; an improved rocker line!

This proven freestyle board has an even better shape than last year. The Youri Pro shaved some weight again, and it can be felt in every way. Together with the improved and slightly increased rocker line, the Youri Pro is completely ready to take on 2015. It still has massive pop, the quad channels in this board provide unprecedented grip, and the triple concave and heel- and toe-side channels give the board exceptional stability.

The new ADR-Tech sidewall makes the board even more stable and controllable in choppy conditions. To complete the package the proven straight outline and power rocker still give the Youri Pro massive speed and very early planning capabilities. The EBP-Inserts can hold up more than 1000 kg, so the Youri pro will hold your boots in place, even during the toughest crashes. When not riding boots, we recommend using the High Performance Pads and Straps with this board in order to handle the superior pop this board provides.

If you want a no-nonsense freestyle board, that will preform in every way, then this is your choice!

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Thu 6th Nov, 2014 @ 1:01 pm

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