Money talks and bullshit walks. So it’s great to see big business get involved in action sports and that’s exactly what iGaranti are doing with their sponsorship of KiteAcademy. Here is the 2nd Episode from the iGaranti Kite Academy Freestyle Team. Sit back and relax and watch and the best riders from Turkey put it all together in this promo piece including action from the 2014 Turkish Freestyle Open. And if you ever need online payment and banking services in Turkey, well you know where to go.

Enç Özen (18) : 2014 Turkiish Freestyle Champion
Pınar Basoglu (30) : 2014 Turkish Freestyle Champion
Nicolas Feraud (34) : 2014 Turkish Open Freestyle Champion
Görkem Koseoglu (19) : 2014 Turkish Freestyle No:4
Egemen Serttas (18) : 2014 Turksih Freestyle No:7

Shots&Edit :One2 Productions

Music : Pretty Lights – Hot Like Sauce
The Astreoids Galaxy Tour – Around the Band



Tue 21st Oct, 2014 @ 6:00 pm

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