Is this the maddest thing you have seen all week? We heard a rumour about this last week, then saw some images and we’ve been waiting for this video to emerge from Turkey. Filmed at Gokova Bay, or rather on the cliffs high above it, Marek Zach Murphy, a pro rider for Ozone from the Czech Republic, decided that instead of driving back down from the Sakartepe Mountain he would simply jump off it with his 14m kite and fly to the beach instead…

Balls bigger than Ruben Lenten? Quite possibly, I don’t think we’ve seen a bigger cliff jump before, remember he isn’t flying high in the mountains over snow with some ski’s on, and there is a whole lot of vegetation to crash into before he makes the landing spot… Not to mention the sketchy as hell launch with his kite falling out of the sky… *shudder

Next time I’m in Gokova I’m having what he has for breakfast!

*As Marek says DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME he is a professional kiter who is used to jumping like this with kites all over the world, he’s also a professional paraglider and understands the thermals, turbulence and winds that he came across on his journey…*

Fri 19th Sep, 2014 @ 11:29 am

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