The recall applies to all 2013 Flysurfer kites excluding the Viron

The recall applies to all 2013 Flysurfer kites sold after the 1st of January excluding the Viron.

Exchange procedure for the QR2.0

Concerns: Affected kites are of the type FLYSURFER SPEED3 12m, 15m, 19m, 21m, FLYSURFER SPEED4, 8m, 10m, FLYSURFER UNITY 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, FLYSURFER OUTLAW 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, FLYSURFER PSYCHO4 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, FLYSURFER CRONIX 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m. Which are delivered to FLYSURFER sales partners after 01.01.2013.

NOT AFFECTED are kites delivered BEFORE 01.01.2013 and all kites of the VIRON series.

During routine checks concerning serial controlling of kites, we determined that a few individual Quick Releases of the Infinity 2.0 Bar system had breaking strengths of below 200kg. More detailed studies have shown that in production mistakenly a false line has been used, which was not according to our specifications and is unsuitable to be used for the purpose as a loopline.

So far, not a single case is known to us, that Quick Releases were broken on kites that were delivered to FLYSURFER customers. Should a Quick Release break during the use of the kite, the kite falls into SAFETY mode. This can, especially when jumping over land (snow kiting, land kite boarding) or kiting on open waters under certain conditions, have fatal consequences for the user!

Further checks & detailed studies have determined, that very sporadically also a certain metal part in the QR can have a weak point. FLYSURFER therefor advises URGENTLY to exchange the complete QR2.0 on affected kites, exchanging only the loopline is not enough!

Marquartstein, 9th of August 2013

Thomas Allertseder

CEO Finance & Administration Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG

Below you will find more information in regards to the QR2.0 exchange procedure

Question nr.1: Is my kite affected?

1.1. Up front

Every Flysurfer kite (excluding VIRON), which is produced in the year 2013, stocked at Flysurfer in 2013, AND delivered to end-customers or sales partners by Flysurfer, CAN potentially be AFFECTED by this safety notice. All kites which have been delivered to customers or sales partners before 2013 are NOT affected.

1.2. Specifying the serial number of your kite:

The serial number of a Flysurfer kite can be found on:
. On the ID-card, which is in the transparent top pocket of the kitebag
. On the inside of the kite’s tip, or inside the middle air-intake
. On the invoice

The serial number is built up subsequently in parts, for example: FKSD4100D-4412-30785
. F=Flysurfer K=Kite SD4=Speed4 100D=10.0 deluxe. 4412=KW44 Year 2012 à this is the order week at our production. (This is not the production week!)
. 30785= the consecutive 5 digit serial number

1.3. Serial number check on the FLYSURFER homepage
When you have specified the serial number(s) of your kite(s) go to:
Please enter the 5-digit consecutive serial number of your kite(s)!
Like for example the kite mentioned in point 1.2: 30785
The program will give you an immediate answer if your kite is affected by this Safety Notice & Quick Release exchange procedure
Is your kite not affected, you can go ahead and go kiting again
Is your kite affected, please go on to question nr.2

Question nr.2: Yes, my kite is affected! – Which options do I have for a QR2.0 exchange?

Option A: Do the exchange yourself:

A.1. Please send an e-mail to with:
. The complete serial number of the affected kite(s)
. Your complete contact details (name, address, e-mail, telephone number)
. When possible attached a copy (scan/photo) of your purchase invoice

A.2. Flysurfer will sent you, free of charge, a checked & 100% working QR2.0 directly.
An easy how-to-guide has been made for the QR2.0 exchange. Please follow all directions step by step.  A complete exchange only takes several minutes.
Download link:

A.3. We ask you kindly to return your old (exchanged) QR2.0 to us
. Please include your serial number, contact data & name for reference, or just print the e-mail, which is used at point A.1.
. Please do this return on collect on delivery basis (shipment costs will be payed by Flysurfer)

Option B: Exchange through Flysurfer Sales-Partners (Dealers/Schools/Importers)

B.1. First contact your local Flysurfer dealer/importer of trust/choice.

B.2. Give the serial number of your affected kite(s) to your local FS sales-partner.
. Shipping & Exchange of the QR2.0 will be arranged by Flysurfer with the FS sales-partner.
. QR2.0 Exchange & Return will be arranged together with the FS sales-partner.
. Return of the old (exchanged) QR2.0 will be organised by Flysurfer with the FS sales-partner.

Option C: Exchange to be done by Flysurfer

C.1. When you do not trust yourself to exchange the QR2.0 yourself (with the how-to-guide) or do not want to do it yourself, then please contact Flysurfer with all contact details mentioned under point A.1. Additionally please mention that you want the exchange to be done by the Flysurfer workshop.

C.2. You will be contacted by our Customer Service and everything will be organized for you.

C.3. Disadvantage of this option, (compared to option A), is that it will certainly take several weeks before you can use your kite again! à Shipping and especially the QR2.0 exchange in our workshop currently take time.

Finally we want to inform you that the first batch of exchange QR2.0 has arrived in our Office today. Which means the exchange procedure for the QR2.0 will start officially at Monday the 12th of August, it could be that their will be some short delays because of illness (customer service & logistics) and because of a limited first amount of exchange QR2.0, we are sorry for this, please bear with us and we appreciate your patience, a new batch of exchange QR2.0 will arrive next week.

 If you have any further questions, we are glad to help you:

Our complete (new) shipping address:

Flysurfer Kiteboarding
Brand of Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG
Windeckstr. 4

With best regards

The complete Flysurfer Team

Fri 9th Aug, 2013 @ 4:57 pm

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