Ever wondered how to be safe in big waves? Then check out the course below.

Big Wave Boot Camp

The Big Wave Boot Camp is the UK’s first and only big wave surfing course. It’s a practical approach to surfing bigger waves with a European focus. This course combines ocean based and physical training to help you step up to the big stuff.

You will learn about the specialised boards and equipment used, and survival techniques for heavy wipeouts. If you have a surf trip booked that you want to prepare for, have your eye on larger waves at home, or just want to learn about the world of larger surf, then this is the course for you.

Download a PDF info pack of the course here: http://www.surfsanctuary.co.uk/bigwave

To book your space email: dom@surfsanctuary.co.uk

You can also follow Dom Moore on Twitter: @surfsanctuary

Or check out the website: http://www.bigwavebootcamp.co.uk

Mon 25th Mar, 2013 @ 3:00 pm

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