Banging waves and amazing locations came together at the Porthleven and Cribbar reef breaks in Cornwall as Ocean Rodeo staffer Dom Moore caught three awesome days of the best conditions that British surfing has to offer a kiter. With conditions this good why would you go anywhere else?

They say that you get the best waves abroad but you get your best sessions at home. This is a chronicle of two reef breaks in Cornwall – Porthleven and the Cribbar – during Autumn and Winter. They’re quite fickle, and some might say quite cold, but for me the novelty of riding good waves alone or with just one or two friends will never get old.

Thank you to Mike ‘Tubeway Army’ Newman for ALL of the kiting footage and the Levvy Beach shot and ‘Warning Sign’ shot.

Jason Feast grabbed the Cribbar paddle in shots. All the other bits I filmed on a Nokia 8210 pay-as-you-go from Lidl, just goes to show doesn’t it…

Fri 9th Jan, 2015 @ 12:30 pm

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