Kiteboarding’s first all-in-one learn to foil program: Slingshot Kite Foil Academy

If you haven’t heard of foiling with a kite yet you must be living under a rock! It’s been a huge revolution within the sport,  racing, freeriding and even on the waves. Foiling provides the user with a unique silent ride that feels weightless and is incredibly exhilarating. A whole new dimension and style of riding. Looking into performance, foiling enables riders to hammer upwind and get out in the lightest of conditions! You may of heard some stories of unsuccessful foiling, now lets be truthful, its not easy but with some perseverance and dedication you’ll be cruising.

However, Slingshot Kiteboarding have not only developed their foiling flight school products to ease the learning curve. They have gone one step further and bring us the Slingshot Kiteboarding: Kite Foil Academy, bringing you reams of knowledge and guidance to further ease the learning process. We’ve been lucky enough to take a sneaky peek at the Kite Foil Academy, its super simple, cleanly designed and free. It’s features well constructed breakdowns, with a fantastic range of advise for those even just considering foiling to those wanting to nail foiling boosts or turns…

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Slingshot’s low down on their new Kite Foil Academy

… Slingshot Kiteboarding has been working hard on an industry-first online course dedicated entirely to user-friendly foiling progression. Foil Academy features nearly a dozen easy-to-follow chapters, with tips, tricks and step-by-step video tutorials that cover the entire learning process…

… If you’re serious about learning to foil, this course will be an invaluable investment in your time and energy. Learn at your own pace, go back and review whenever you need, share with your friends and, most importantly, have fun with the process. Foiling is an amazing addition to our great sport and we’re stoked to have the opportunity to take you along for the ride…

“Foiling is what you make it, not what others say it is. It’s all good, just have fun and let it change your life.”

– Tony Logosz, Co-founder and Chief Designer at Slingshot Sports.

… The foil craze is here, and it’s here to stay.

Kite hydrofoiling has come a very long way in just a few years. Today, this amazing faction of our sport is more popular and more accessible than most riders would have ever imagined. As a kiteboarder, you’ve likely watched jealously as others take advantage of the amazing efficiency and freedom foiling provides. You’ve watched, envied and wished you could experience the same. Now, thanks to the user-friendly learning system we present in Foil Academy, you no longer have to wonder if foiling is for you.

Say goodbye to watching and wondering and hello to the next chapter of your kiteboarding experience.

Now let’s get started…

Enrol now…

Wanting to find out more or ready to head on over to the Kite Foil Academy website, enrol and start your learning process now?

Slingshot Kiteboarding: Kite Foil Academy: Enrol Here

Not sure what your weapon of choice would be? Slingshot has a slick range of foil boards and foil set ups to suit you’re needs. Wether its a surf / crossover foil board, a extra cushioned safe deck, the flight school or a full carbon rig they have it all.

Check out the foil range on the Slingshot Kiteboarding website.

Sun 16th Oct, 2016 @ 6:00 pm

By Robin and Sukie
With years of kite sport experience combined, you can be sure you’ll be receiving the highest quality of knowledge on the best equipment the industry has to offer.

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