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3 years ago | 04:01

F-ONE are one of the brands who have truly embraced the hydrofoil 2016 sees the third year of production and a vastly larger range than…

4 years ago | 1:49

Foilboarding has been taken to the next level...on a SUP! Do think it will catch on? It's surprising that Laird Hamilton didn't think of it…

4 years ago

I mentioned in my first post that I was hooked; I’m well and truly addicted to foiling now, a little like that buzz you get…

4 years ago

I’ve always been one for trying something new, whether that was skim boards and surfboards with kites, or race boards when they arrived, essentially I’ve…

5 years ago | 01:47

This isn't her first rodeo and it's no bucking bronco. Ozone team rider Cynthia Brown makes the transition from surfboard to foilboard look easy as…

5 years ago | 1:43

How mad is this? OK so when most people think of foil boards they think of light winds, but I don't think you would ever…


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