It’s evident that climate change is happening – but what can we do to mitigate it? Rou Chater got the chance to catch up with Mystic’s Marketing Manager, Jorn Thoes, to ask him the main question on everyone’s mind… Is this sustainable?

What are you working to as a brand to reduce your impact on the planet?

We are working on reducing our impact on the earth in different ways. On the packaging side, we’re reducing the number of different sizes and specific packaging. By making more generic packaging, we reduce waste of leftover packaging. Additionally, we have also reduced the number of hangtags and reducing the amount of plastic in the packaging, where we can. When we can’t replace it by paper or cardboard, we’re using recycled plastic.

We keep on improving our products and replacing fabrics and materials with recycled ones, or materials that have a smaller impact on the environment, including the use of organic cotton in our apparel line and recycled polyester in our boardshorts range.

In terms of shipping, we work together with the Good Shipping program. The Good Shipping Program is the first sustainable shipping initiative in the world, to make container shipments less polluting.

Why is it so difficult for us as an industry to move away from plastics and chemicals in the production process?

Wetsuits aren’t the most environmentally friendly products. We are continually investigating the possibilities to replace materials with a smaller impact on the environment, but we can only replace the materials if they are as equally durable, flexible and long-lasting. That’s the most difficult challenge we’re facing.

Is the whole sustainability issue something we can ever get on top of or are we doomed to failure?

We can get on top, but we have to accept we can’t change everything at the same time. We have to take steps, are keep on improving every year.

What can we improve upon as kitesurfers to make less of an impact?

Take longer kite trips! Don’t go to a lot of different locations a year, go on a super long trip – Win-win situation! And buy Mystic products, we make products that last!

What steps do you take personally in your own life or when at the beach?

Don’t use single-use plastic. Separate all your waste, glass, paper, green waste, plastic. Pick up rubbish on the beach every time you’re there.

Are there any charities or foundations we should be aware of?

There’s a lot of local and international foundations that focus on plastic waste, all of them have the same goal – to keep our oceans clean. Would be hard to pick one! Support your local organisations!

Mon 14th Oct, 2019 @ 5:10 pm

By Jen Tyler
Italian/Egyptian Jen Tyler grew up on the sandy beaches of the Red Sea and has been on the IKSURFMAG & Tonic Mag team since 2017.

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