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CrazyFly brand has been built on high-quality manufacturing in the heart of Europe and exceptional customer service. They are extremely proud to be the first and only Kiteboarding brand producing all of our products in our own factory based in Europe. In addition to their in-house production of kiteboards, control bars, and board accessories, they managed to set up our own kite production in Slovakia and transfer surfboards production to Europe.

Flysurfer Era

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Flysurfer Era

Brand new and exclusive to CrazyFly, they’ve introduced Triplex, the most advanced “rip stop” material on the market. Triplex has by far the best strength to weight ratio and with triple coating its durability is unmatched. The coating protects the fabric from UV rays, salt and abrasive objects, such as sand. Triple coating and three ripstop yarns ensure the lowest possible elongation and deterioration of the material till date.

They’ve re-worked the construction and again pushed the limits of strength, rigidity, and weight of the kite. With Strategic Dacron placement and Tailored Canopy, the resulting performance is breathtaking!

Sculp 2018

The 2018 CrazyFly Sculp is a versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. It delivers consistency in all riding disciplines and offers incredible wind range and ease of use.

Shape-wise, the Sculp now has a high aspect ratio, which makes the kite slimmer and much faster. This also results in a more Delta shape which offers smooth, stable, and predictable flight with progressive power delivery and amazing jumping, boosting and lift.

For more information about the Sculp, please click here

Tango 2018

The 2018 Tango is a high performance freeride and wave kite for advanced to expert riders. The Tango is a modern open C-shape kite with lots of pull, power, and pop. The Tango loves boosting and floaty jumps with amazing hang time. It turns quickly with predictable power and moves exactly where the rider wants it to go. Powered kite loops come with ease, plus the Tango provides amazing upwind abilities.

Shape-wise, the Tango has short completely squared wingtips and short Linked bridle without pulleys or sliders for ultimate response and direct bar feel.

For more information about the Tango 2018, please click here

Cruze 2018
Lightwind Machine

The 2018 Cruze is a dedicated light wind kite in our range coming only in 15m and 17m sizes. With a Flat-Delta shape, deep profile, and high aspect ratio, the Cruze generates a lot of power even in marginal wind conditions.

Despite its larger size, the Cruze maintains the agility of a smaller kite thanks to its shape and sturdy construction. The squared wingtips ensure stability as well as quick and precise turning for a kite of this size. To maximize performance in the lightest sea breezes, we stripped down weight wherever possible without sacrificing the rigidity of the kite. Simple bridle and rock-solid construction result in a very user-friendly light bar feel.

For more information about the Cruze 2018, please click here

CrazyFly Kiteboards 2018 – Freeride / Freestyle

Raptor LTD
The Legend Reborn

Our full carbon top model received a brand new shape after seven years. When you make a good very good shape, it is hard to make a better one and we spent three years working on the new Raptor LTD. The 2018 Raptor LTD also comes in a brand new Neon version for customers who prefer better visibility of the board in dark water.

Sticking to its core properties of a high end freeride/freestyle board, it remains a full carbon, an ultralight masterpiece. The 2018 Raptor LTD features a brand new Ellipse double concave shape in the center of the bottom for unmatched comfort and Double V tips for better grip when popping. Buttery soft in chop, yet dynamic for high end freeride and freestyle. Brand new CompFlex 4T5 Carbon on the bottom of the board makes the new LTD even more comfortable and smoother, especially in choppy water. Latest in the Carbon tech world, the CompFlex 4T5 has a brand new weave which provides much more flex without sacrificing the strength. Plus the new weave is thinner and requires less epoxy resulting in 0,1 kg weight saving per board.

CrazyFly exclusive and latest in tech, the Nano Glide Skin on the bottom of the board helps the board track and go upwind better thanks to its microchannels. The Nano Glide skin foil has better gliding properties and generates speed quicker, plus it is more resistant to scratches. The top of the board has a brand new matt overprint for that eye-catching premium look.

For more information about the Raptor LTD, please click here

Raptor LTD Neon
New Era of a Legend

A brand new bright and fresh addition to our board range, we are proud to introduce the Raptor LTD Neon. It has exactly the same great shape and full carbon construction as the regular Raptor LTD, but the Neon has bright colors to make it more visible in dark waters. This comes especially handy for riders who progress and often body drag back to the board after crashing.

For more information about the Raptor LTD Neon, please click here

Experience Future Now

After eleven years of proven performance, the legend in our range continues to impress and wears a crown for our best selling board.

The Raptor is a freeride freestyle high-performance board for intermediate to advanced rider level, it will bring never before experienced ride feelings. Thanks to a Multi-Channel bottom shape and V tips, the Raptor has the perfect balance between speed and grip. The Step Cap deck technology allows for thinner rails for ultimate edging and amazing upwind.

Raptor’s construction layup combines multi-axial fiberglass and brand new X carbon. This construction is a little bit softer than the previous Raptor boards, making it more comfortable. The X carbon provides for plenty of pop to pull off tricks. Light Up sidewalls are stronger and lighter than ever with an attractive color changing look.

For more information about the Raptor 2018, please click here

The Next Generation

The 2018 Bulldozer received a complete makeover including a brand new shape and tweaked layup. It continues to sit in the freestyle/wakestyle crossover aimed at intermediate to advanced riders who like to ride aggressively. The Bulldozer is a great choice for riding with wake bindings.

This board is shaped and constructed to be pushed hard, and it delivers amazing power on the water. The brand new shape features a deep center concave for added comfort and smoother feel. Along the center concave, we created two split V channels for more grip and better upwind tracking. They also play a big part for load ‘n’ pop trick which are also supported by triple concave tips. The Bulldozer continues to be the fastest board in our range, so you can really transfer all the speed into your jumps and boosts. If you like to push the gas pedal, the Bulldozer is definitely the right choice.

We have reinforced the Bulldozer’s construction with Uni-directional Kevlar throughout the whole length of the board. Kevlar is a high strength and low weight composite and is used in military and space industries. Plus, we added a Spread Tow Carbon reinforcement in the center of the board to increase the board dynamics and pop. Aside from the Kevlar and Carbon, the Bulldozer also makes use of Multiaxial Fiber Glass. This construction provides a breathtaking amount of pop without making the board too stiff.

For more information about the Bulldozer 2018, please click here

CrazyFly 2018 Freestyle / Wakestyle

Addict 2018
It’s addictive!

Uncompromised, modern and eye-catching. The Addict is a board that truly stands out on and off the water. It is a freestyle wakestyle crossover board for advanced to expert riders.

The Addict is designed and constructed to push the limits. Right Angle Channels on the tips and Edge Control Track provide plenty of grip. Riding the Addict without fins makes it ideal for hitting kickers and sliders while kiting, or at cable parks. The board is equipped with 3.0 cm Razor fins for the ultimate grip if required.

Construction is rock solid and can take plenty of abuse. The X carbon, Kevlar, and optimized flex provide explosive pop while the larger rocker makes landings incredibly smooth. Light Up sidewalls are stronger and lighter than ever with an attractive color changing look.

For more information about the Addict 2018, please click here

CrazyFly 2018 Foil Boards

F-Lite 2018
Ultra Small Flight Deck

F-lite is a feather-light full carbon, ultra-small low volume foil board suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. It is a high performance easy to ride board with a full diamond grip deck footpad and concave deck for easy maneuvering during gybes.

Riders who already know how to foil will appreciate its small size, low weight and dynamic transfers of energy into the foil. It features a high nose and speed rocker to generate speed quickly and get you up on the foil in no time. Packed with lots of performance, this board is also a great travel companion, plus it delivers great fun and amazing performance on the water.

For more information about the F-Lite 2018, please click here

Chill 2018
Allround Foiling Fun

Chill is an easy-to-ride, low volume all-round foil board suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. With its compact size high nose and speed rocker, it provides a good surface area for early planning and will get you up on the foil in no time. The concave deck provides easy handling of the board while the full deck footpad comes in handy for traction and safety during wipeouts. The Chill has a fiberglass layup with a central carbon fiber stringer to increase the dynamics of transferring energy into the foil. Packed with all great features, who needs more to go foiling and Chill.

For more information about the Chill 2018, please click here

CrazyFly 2018 Freeride Boards

Ultimate Freeride Comfort

The 2018 Shox is the ultimate upwind machine and the most comfortable freeride board in our range for intermediate to advanced riders. We are extremely proud to offer the most environmentally friendly kiteboard. With help from our supplier, new technologies, and new machinery, we are able to produce the Shox edition kiteboard with almost zero waste in production.

The Shox takes advantage of multi-channel bottom shape and Concave Tips which provide unmatched upwind performance and increase the overall all-round abilities of the board. Step Cap deck technology allows for thinner rails and sharper edging. The construction layup combines Recycled fiberglass and X carbon on the deck for a dynamic feel and optimized pop.

The environmental aspect of this board did not sacrifice anything in terms of performance on the water. The Shox works a treat! Full wood core and the Multi-Channel Bottom shape make up for the most comfortable freeride and top notch upwind performance.

For more information about the Shox 2018, please click here

Girls 2018
This is Love

Comfort, style, and performance are the building blocks for a functional girl specific board. Our Girl’s board has always been specially designed for girls – with an appropriate construction and proper adjustments to suit the needs of girl kitesurfers.

For 2018 the Girls board benefits from Multi-Channel bottom shape and Concave Tips, which provide unmatched upwind performance and increase the overall all-round abilities of the board. The Step Cap deck technology allows for thinner rails and sharper edging.

The Girls board is a very comfortable freeride board customized for the ladies. Not only the graphics but also the construction, insert positions and straps are all customized for girls. Construction wise we source the finest selection of tip-to-tip CNC Shaped Wood Core, Multi Axial Fiber Glass and Light Upside walls to create a great balance of flex, stiffness, and pop. A slightly softer flex pattern provides smooth and comfortable riding, soft landings and eats up chop very well.

The Girls board is designed for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a comfortable freeride board with enough pop to nail tricks.

For more information about the Girls 2018, please click here

New ride. Good old price

The 2018 Allround continues to impress. If you are looking for a high-quality kiteboard which performs well, looks cool, and has a very attractive price tag, then the Allround is the board for you.

The Allround has a proven outline and single concave bottom. The tips are now more squared providing a larger surface area for better upwind performance while the single concave bottom provides more comfort and makes the Allround a much smoother ride.

The Allround is an incredibly comfortable board with soft flex, great upwind ability and a reasonable amount of pop, the Allround is constructed from three main elements: precisely CNC Shaped 3T Wood Core, Multi Axial Fiber Glass, and Light Upside walls. These three high-quality elements enable the board to deliver fantastic performance on the water, and the Allround’s construction is designed to fit a wide range of riders from beginner through to intermediate.

For more information about the Allround 2018, please click here

Cruiser Double
Share the Passion

Cruiser Double features inserts positions for two sets of bindings. As the name suggests, the Cruiser Double can take two riders on board at the same time. A great tool for introducing newcomers to kiteboarding and for sharing our beautiful sport.

The name sums it up perfectly: Cruising around, having fun and enjoying the ride. The Cruiser boards are well known for their outstanding upwind ability and the Cruiser Double is no exception. With double weight on the board, we made sure the construction is a bit stiffer, so there are no sacrifices to flying upwind.

For more information about the Cruiser Double 2018, please click here

CrazyFly 2018 Lightwind Boards

Cruiser 2018
Lightwind Machine

Cruiser is a light wind machine with proven shape and construction. But of course, this board can handle a lot more than that! Due to its unique core construction and extremely light layers of carbon, the Cruiser can also be seriously abused. The very well balanced medium flex of this board suits intermediate and advanced riders, it rides comfortably in choppy waters and the flat rocker and squared outline ensure that it is an incredible light wind board.

For more information about the Cruiser 2018, please click here

Cruiser LW 2018

The Cruiser LW has asymmetric fins position. The fins are positioned on the heel edge of the tips and in the center of the tips. Due to the asymmetric fin position, the fins stay in the water all the time and provides better ability to go upwind.

For more information about the Cruiser LW 2018, please click here

Let the Fun Begin

The Skim has a straighter outline for improved the low-end performance and upwind ability. It is a perfect toy for light wind fun and small surf conditions.

The strapless set up provides unlimited possibilities for exploring new tricks and stance positions. You can put the fins on, which see the Skim perform very well upwind, even in super light wind conditions. Or for a nice skate-y feel it’s equally happy being ridden without fins. The Skim is also great fun in smaller waves, where you can carve them up or use them as kickers for strapless tricks.

Whatever your riding style or level is, the Skim is always fun to play with.

Our Skimboard is produced with a full wood core, Multi Axial Fiber Glass construction, and Light Up sidewalls. This construction provides comfortable medium flex and the flat bottom shape ensures easy early planning.

The Skimboard features a beautiful transparent wood core design with funky graphics self-adhesive plate with brand new 3.0 cm Razor fins and a self-adhesive EVA footpad so you have the choice of riding strapless with a waxed deck, or with the footpads.

Flysurfer Era

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Flysurfer Era

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