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4 days ago

Building on CrazyFly's extensive knowledge and over twenty years of experience in working with carbon and stainless steel components, they are proud to introduce a…

7 days ago

During the CrazyFly 2020 shoot in Dahkla, Laci Kobulsky challenged Posito Martinez to do as many tricks that are possible only with straps and here…

2 weeks ago

Laci Kobulsky filmed and shared some seriously good footage over 2019 from 12 different countries - check out the highlights, right here!

1 month ago

Najib Gomez gets some incredible drone footage of Petr Pechi Pechacek while foiling on Aruba's turquoise waters!

1 month ago

Past champions, local favourites and new faces will all vie for the 2020 title in the most prestigious big air kiteboarding contest in the world.…

2 months ago

CrazyFly's newest addition to the Raptor board range was specifically designed and developed with Posito Martinez, making it his weapon of choice! Watch this!

2 months ago

Check out all of the action from Day One of the final stop of the GKA Freestyle World Cup 2019 in Cumbuco, Brazil! Men's Round…

3 months ago

Check out Cabarete charger, Posito Martinez's entry video for the 2020 Red Bull King Of The Air RIGHT HERE and let us know what you…

3 months ago

Laci Kobulsky just launched his new vlog 'GettinTheShot', and in this first episode, he takes us behind the scenes with Aaron Hadlow during their shoot…