Liloo Fourré

Liloo Fourré

Pro Rider | 3,407

2 months ago

They give it their all, fall, and get back up again. Progression takes work and these women aren't afraid to get their hair wet! No…

3 months ago

What's new in the CrazyFly range for 2021? Laci Kobulsky and kite designer Pavol Bukovcak talk about the 2021 kite range - including the Hyper,…

3 months ago

Looking back at 2020 is a mixed bag for a lot of people, but Laci Kobulsky kept the dream alive all year long! This talented…

5 months ago

CrazyFly is at it again with another exciting product release. If the vibey music isn't already getting you hyped up, the pretty visuals and awesome…

5 months ago

Go big or go home is CrazyFly's 2021 Hyper's slogan - This rocket launcher of a kite takes you to the moon and back! With…

5 months ago

A little weekend mood booster by Liloo Fourré! No need to say much... The lyrics of the song says it all... They talk about what…

5 months ago

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Crazyfly crew this managed to squeeze in a photoshoot Sicily, scoring some amazing sessions in this European kite gem. Check…

12 months ago

I think we all know a thing or two about slowing down now! Remember this one from 2017? Laci Kobulsky and Liloo Fourré teamed up…

2 years ago

CrazyFly's 2020 line-up is impressive! Built on high-quality manufacturing; they are incredibly proud to be the first and only Kiteboarding brand producing all of our…

2 years ago

After thirteen years of proven performance, CrazyFly's 2020 Raptor is still on point! A freeride freestyle high-performance board for intermediate to advanced rider level. The…

2 years ago

And here it is... Watch Posito Martinez and Liloo Fourré show off CrazyFly's 2020 Sculp! This versatile all-around performer is suitable for a wide range…

2 years ago

Exploring the Dominican Republic with local rider Posito Martinez and Liloo Fourré on their 2020 CrazyFly gear!

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More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

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Lots more 2019 product is getting the once-over from the test team this issue, have we tested your favourite kite or board? Find out right here...

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4 years ago
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Lindsay McClure chats to Marie-Lou Fourré AKA Liloo Gringa about her kitesurfing career, past present and future!

5 years ago

Pro Kiteboarder Made in Playa El Yaque - Isla Margarita - Venezuela

Sponsors: CrazyFly Kiteboarding - Mc Kiteshop - Feel Free Gear Europe

3x World Freestlyle Top 10
2x Champion of Venezuela

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