Stino Mul

Stino Mul

Pro Rider

4 weeks ago

Rewatch the Semi-Final of 2024 Full Power Tarifa - Lorenzo Casati Vs. Giel Vlugt Vs. Stino Mul Vs. Beto Gomez!

3 months ago

Freeride freedom with Stijn Mul!

5 months ago

Last year Cabrinha introduced the big air evolution of the Nitro to the kite market, and it delivered. One of the most anticipated kites, grasped...

5 months ago

No wind? No problem! The Space X Kitesurfing crew get creative on route to the most southern tip of Africa.. You've got to watch this!

6 months ago

Lorenzo Casati's latest vlog - THE NEXT LEVEL - (The Overthroned King) - W.O.L. #16 - is out now! Relive the Red Bull King of...

8 months ago

Stino Mul goes MASSIVE off the coast of Holland on Cabrinha Big Air prototype!

8 months ago

Today's the day - Watch the YoungCapital NK Big Air 2023!

8 months ago

#Throwback to 2022 - Get ready for an adrenaline-filled ride as we join Mike Mac Donald and Ruben Lenten for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at...

9 months ago

Stino Mul is determined to make it to this year's King of the Air. Do you think he deserves a spot? Let us know in...

9 months ago

Who would have thought that competing at the Red Bull Megaloop in Zandvoort would become a reality for Stino Mul? Watch how it all unfolded...

9 months ago

EVENT STATUS: 🟢 GREEN LIGHT (24H to event start) 🟢 The wait is finally over! Tomorrow, The Spot in Zandvoort is where you need to...

10 months ago

Space X Kitesurfing just released 'Storm Kitesurfing in Fehmarn' and it's packed with exciting action - Watch Michiel and Stino's adventure right here.

Issue 98

In this issue, it's all about quality, not quantity! From the sandy beaches of the UK to the whipping winds of Cape Town, our Test Team has managed to get in a few shoulder season sessions, testing out some of the latest and greatest gear from CORE, Cabrinha, and Airush. From big air to wave to light wind and free ride, we've covered all the bases! Read on to find out what we thought of some of this season's most talked about kites!

1 year ago

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Rewatch the Semi-Final of 2024 Full Power Tarifa - Lorenzo Casati Vs. Giel Vlugt Vs. Stino Mul Vs. Beto Gomez!nn @Giel Vlugt @Lorenzo Casati @Stino Mul @Cabrinha @CORE Kiteboarding @DUOTONE @Harlem Kitesurfing @ION Products @Lieuwe Boards @Mystic

4 weeks ago

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Grab the popcorn; it's Movie Night! nn1. With over 4K views, prepare for an adrenaline-packed Movie Night as we dive into the action with 'Largest Wave Kitesurfed - Guinness World Records'! Watch @patri_mclaughlin conquer a monumental 22.5m / 72’4ft bomb…

2 weeks ago

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