Pau Gisbert Mariscal

Pau Gisbert Mariscal

Pro Rider | 1,384

5 years ago

Pau Gisbert has spent a month and a half practicing his moves in Brazil and lets face it he's got some serious skills! If only…


Extreme athlete from Valencia, based in Tarifa, Spain At the end of 2010 when I was about to turn 15 I decided to learn kiteboarding, and by the time I did my first jump I knew it was my sport. Then I started to watch a lot of freestyle videos and I really wanted to learn the handelpass. Despite of the lack of conditions I had in my homespot, 3 years later I was able to do some single handelpasses. Due to my fast progression I could convince my father to move to Tarifa where we started to live since November 2013. Sportsperson

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