Pau Gisbert Mariscal

Pau Gisbert Mariscal

Pro Rider | 1,380

5 years ago

Pau Gisbert has spent a month and a half practicing his moves in Brazil and lets face it he's got some serious skills! If only…


Extreme athlete from Valencia, based in Tarifa, Spain 01/21/1996 At the end of 2010 when I was about to turn 15 I decided to learn kiteboarding, and by the time I did my first jump I knew it was my sport. Then I started to watch a lot of freestyle videos and I really wanted to learn the handelpass. Despite of the lack of conditions I had in my homespot, 3 years later I was able to do some single handelpasses. Due to my fast progression I could convince my father to move to Tarifa where we started to live since November 2013. Sportsperson

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