Pau Gisbert Mariscal

Pro Rider | 1,240

Pau Gisbert with Pau Gisbert Mariscal and 4 others at Isla Canela, Beach.
3 weeks ago

Vaya día nos regaló Isla Canela después de la Spain Kiteboarding League...lo mejor las risas!
Cabrinha Cabrinha Spain NP SURF SPAIN

Pau Gisbert Mariscal posted a photo
3 weeks ago

#Repost @cabrinha_spain
@paugisbertm entrenando después de la @spainkiteboardingleague
#kiteboarding #cabrinha

Pau Gisbert with Pau Gisbert Mariscal.
Pau Gisbert with Pau Gisbert Mariscal.
4 weeks ago

Cuando me quedo solo en la biblioteca📚🙃

Pau Gisbert with Pau Gisbert Mariscal.
Pau Gisbert with Pau Gisbert Mariscal.
1 month ago

Back home with the wind

📸KITE SHOP Valencia

Pau Gisbert shared Glassy Europe's photo — at IslaCanelaKite (El Paradise).
Pau Gisbert shared Glassy Europe's photo — at IslaCanelaKite (El Paradise).
2 months ago

Esa sombrilla como dió de si😂! No pudimos acabar el campeonato pero y cómo nos lo pasamos!!🔝 Spain Kiteboarding League

Pau Gisbert Mariscal posted a photo
2 months ago


Pau Gisbert with Cabrinha and 2 others in TARIFA..
Pau Gisbert with Cabrinha and 2 others in TARIFA..
2 months ago

Volviendo a las andadas con Samuel Cárdenas Fotografía

Pau Gisbert shared BENIBECA's photo — at Asilah Playa.
Pau Gisbert shared BENIBECA's photo — at Asilah Playa.
3 months ago

El veranito se aserrrrrrrrrrrcaaa y los bañadores de BENIBECA también!! Echarle un vistazo a esta marca que viene pisando fuerte

Pro Kiteboarder from Valencia, Spain
At the end of 2010 when I was about to turn 15 I decided to learn kiteboarding, and by the time I did my first jump I knew it was my sport. Then I started to watch a lot of freestyle videos and I really wanted to learn the handelpass. Despite of the bad conditions I had in my homespot (very chopy) and the fact that in Valencia the wind only blows 2 months per year, 3 years later I was able to do some single handelpasses.

Due to my fast progression I could convince my father to move to Tarifa where we started to live since November 2013.

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2 years ago | 1:38

Pau Gisbert has spent a month and a half practicing his moves in Brazil and lets face it he's got some serious skills! If only all of us could go to Brazil, pr...


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