Marek Rowiński

Marek Rowiński

Pro Rider | 1,091

3 years ago

Check out this pumping edit featuring Marek Rowiński hitting a slider on the Shinn ADHD Freakshow! Rider: Marek Rowiński

3 years ago

Shinn team rider Marek Rowinski has an explosive riding style. His unhooked tricks are HUGE, make sure you watch this one!

6 years ago

Cabrinha and SU2 team rider Marek Rowinski presents 'Season's End.' He's had a blistering time on the water this season, training hard and coming home…

Issue 70

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 years ago

Sponsored by: Shinn International F-One Poland Manera Seventy-One Percent 2019&2018&2016&2014 Polish freestyle champion 2013&2014 National freestyle championship winner 2017&2015&2012 Polish vice champion apart from that I got ranked in some international events but I was young then and nobody remembers that anyway Sportsperson

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