Marek Rowiński

Marek Rowiński

Pro Rider

5 months ago

PREMIERING FOR THE FIRST TIME - The mini private lagoon in Taiba not only saw the bangers Coco put down this year. The polish crew…

5 months ago

Inspired by an American Prayer 'The Doors'; Knot Future presents The Hitchhiker with Marek Rowiński dropping February 5th 2022.

6 months ago

Knot Future presents The Hitchhiker with Marek Rowiński. Taiba lagoon saw more than the bangers Coco put down this year; the polish crew also left…

12 months ago

Marek Rowiński jr. won the Polish Freestyle Championship (for the 5th time!) during the Xiaomi Kite Cup in Rewa. The conditions were challenging, but that…

5 years ago

Check out this pumping edit featuring Marek Rowiński hitting a slider on the Shinn ADHD Freakshow! Rider: Marek Rowiński

5 years ago

Shinn team rider Marek Rowinski has an explosive riding style. His unhooked tricks are HUGE, make sure you watch this one!

8 years ago

Cabrinha and SU2 team rider Marek Rowinski presents 'Season's End.' He's had a blistering time on the water this season, training hard and coming home…

Issue 91

From race reports to snowkiting to the lagoons of Brazil, we check in with a few of your favourite riders and brands to see what’s going on. Don’t miss out on the latest industry news, rider stories, and product releases, all right here in On The Fly!

5 months ago
Issue 91

The best photos with nowhere else to go, feast your eyes on our photo gallery in Lightroom Issue 91!

5 months ago
Issue 89

From the colourful Caribbean to the European coast down to the windswept beaches of South Africa, Lightroom Issue 89 features some epic kitesurfing photography!

9 months ago
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The best photos with nowhere else to go! Indulge your eyeballs in Lightroom Issue #87!

1 year ago
Issue 86

What's the best source of information when shopping around for kitesurfing equipment? Buying new gear is a big decision, and learning the hard way is neither fun nor cost-effective. Crystal Veness and Rou Chater look at some of the most commonly made mistakes and offer up a (literally) groundbreaking solution. Find out the big news right here!

1 year ago
Issue 85

The best photos with nowhere else to go!

1 year ago
Issue 70

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

4 years ago

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