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Kari Schibevaag

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2 weeks ago

I love this foil 😉

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3 weeks ago

Nice days in Lofoten

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1 month ago

In the kite mag :) TheKiteMag

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4 months ago

Did you try #sup in the #arctic ? ⛄️🌞 #pössl #pössl30 #poessl #possl #reisemobil #reisemobile #kastenwagen #fourgon #motorhome #fourgons #motorhomes #fiat #dasoriginal #pössldasoriginal #wearepoessl #wirsindpössl #vanlife #wearepoessl #rrd #rrdsup #robertoriccidesigns #sakrisøy #campervan #staaker #nordnorge #ute #norway #lofoten 📷 @jalfheim @karischibevaag

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5 months ago

Life is sometimes just super #snowkiting 🙌🏼🚐 #pössl #pössl30 #poessl #possl #vanlife #kitesurf #harstad #nordnorge #ute #norway #rrdkite #visitnorway #vbrørlegger #devoldofnorway #godmorgennorge #rrd #outofgoggles #staaker #staakerdrone #mittfriluftsliv #whitdotskis #realturmat #droneoftheday #rrdkite #robertoriccidesigns #kiteworld

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5 months ago

A movie from Hardangervidda in norway RRD Norway Devold of Norway AS Varme & Bad as Arctic kite Camps

http://kariland.com/; https://twitter.com/#!/k_schibevaag http://www.schibevaag.com/
Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway. Educated in sports pedagogic and traning, with several trainer degrees. Competes on snow and water. 7 world titles
Personal interests
kitesurfe and snowkite

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1 year ago | 02:00

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean about midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. Kari Schibevaag and her team will travel…

2 years ago | 1:29

Does kiteboarding get any more magical than this? After years of trying to create this video, the skies and the conditions finally aligned for David…

2 years ago | 03:33

Roberto Ricci Designs is proud to launch the Global Bar V8. This impressively simple control bar now flags out on the front line, providing 100%…

2 years ago | 03:04

Introducing the 2017 RRD kite harness collection. Find out all about them here. Your choice of harness needs to fit your style of riding, stance,…

2 years ago | 2:57

RRD have just dropped their new wetsuit collection with stitchless designs, quick drying fabrics and more tech than the NSA! A good wetsuit can be…

2 years ago | 1:29

Stop what you are doing and check this out... After many years in the making, David González and Kari Schibevaag have managed to achieve a…

3 years ago | 02:46

Lots of shiny new toys to shred waves with! Watch as the RRD pro team ride the brand new RRD surf board collection. Great edit…

3 years ago | 01:46

Like your riding with a bit of a twist? Check out the all new RRD Twin Tip collection launch video, with slick old school moves,…

3 years ago | 01:58

Have you ridden a no-strut kite yet? Improved handling, amazing low-end power and the ability to fly in the lightest of breezes, no-strut kites are…

3 years ago | 02:16

The all new RRD Religion MK7 has just been launched, this hugely popular wave kite offers more responsiveness, a return to the adjustable bridles, so…

3 years ago | 02:53

Boom, the new line up from Roberto Ricci Designs has just hit the deck, what do you think of them? With six kites to cover…

4 years ago

Congratulations to the #VKWCDakhla2015 wave discipline winners Jalou Langeree and Keahi de Aboitiz! Both of them fought their way to the final where Jalou was…

Issue 68

Kari Schibevaag has gotten a taste of adventure, and she’s hungry for more. After her epic snow kite trip in the Arctic this winter, she’s ready to plan her next big trip, but not after spending a little time on a sunny beach with clean, peeling rights!

1 year ago
Issue 63

Roberto Ricci is one of the original legends of kitesurfing; the accomplished waterman was shaping kiteboards before kiteboarding was even a thing, Rou Chater talks to him about his brand, RRD, his thoughts competitive kitesurfing, the future of the sport and the Olympics.

2 years ago
Issue 61

Join us on a snowkiting adventure to Svalbard, Norway, where there are more polar bears than people, and you might just need to take a rifle with you during your session!

3 years ago

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