Josh Gillitt

Josh Gillitt

Pro Rider

2 years ago

Whoop! F-ONE welcomes Josh Gillitt to their team! As a kid, Josh Gillitt always dreamt of flying. Now one of the best Big Air riders…

2 years ago

During a year where recreational travel was restricted, a handful of the world's best big air riders made it down to Cape Town, and the…

3 years ago

All the action that went down in Cape Town at the Big Air Kite League event! Many of Big Air's best riders have remained in…

Issue 96

We're watching a new kiteboarding reality unfold, and it's getting wilder by the minute! After some major upsets at the recent King of the Air, Editor Crystal Veness takes a look at what's changed and what’s coming next. In this feature article, she interviews athletes young and old(er) to get their perspectives on the new world of professional kiteboarding.

12 months ago
Issue 93

Kitesurfing is a series of highs and lows, and we don’t just mean your jump stats! Editor Crystal Veness takes a look at how the motivation to get on the water can change, and how to get that fire burning again!

1 year ago

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