RRD Passion 9m 2010 Kitesurfing Review

RRD Passion 9m 2010

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At a Glance

The new 2010 Passion from RRD is a dramatic change from the kite of last year. It still retains the simple bridle set up, but that is where the similarities end. This year the kite has a much flatter arc to it, it still has the delta shape of last year but the canopy is more open. The wingtips have also been completely redesigned and are much shorter and don’t end in the classic point of last year. RRD have pushed more of the power to the middle of the kite and the foil is also slightly deeper as well which should increase the bottom end. The Passion is aimed at the Free Ride market with ease of use being at the top of the design list. They are also lightweight, yet well built with load bearing areas getting plenty of reinforcement. The graphic is of not too, the huge RRD logo is very striking when the kite is in the air, certainly pleasing on the eye and this kite will definitely stand out!

The Bar

All RRD kites work off the same bar, so you can just buy one bar for your entire quiver. It is a neat idea. A new 2010 bar is still in development so we were riding with the bar from 2009. It comes packed full of features including an excellent above bar clam cleat depower strap. The bar itself is made from carbon fibre and the centre hole features an aluminium block that has been polished to reduce friction on the depower rope. There are also O’Shit handles for added safety and the bar ends are covered in a softer material so they are easy on your hands and non-slip for kite loops.

In The Air

Easy is the one word that springs to mind with the Passion; the kite is just so well behaved it is almost hard to believe. It delivers plenty of power in it’s bottom end, we had it out in some really light airs when we should really of been on 12m kites and the Passion just kept on pulling. It won’t replace the 12m in your quiver by any means, but it will mean you can get your 9m out earlier than you would expect. Upwind is really impressive with the kite attacking the edge of the window and enabling the rider to point their board very high indeed. Bar pressure is about right, not too heavy and not too light, we especially liked the smooth predictable turning that will make the kite an instant hit with people learning to kite. Really it is the predictability that sets this kite aside from the rest. It is just a good honest easy to fly machine that is very forgiving. The depower is excellent and to be honest we never found the top end; mind you we haven’t had many howling gales here in the UK yet! Jumping on the Passion is fun too, with plenty of pull at your finger tips to get you airborne and the flat arc shape offering very impressive hangtime once you are in the air!


Simplicity at its best, this kite is very very easy to fly and still has enough performance to put a smile on your face when things get exciting.


We really can’t wait for the new bar to come out; the chicken loop while perfectly functional is a little dated compared to others on the market. It is a very small grumble about an otherwise excellent kite.


If you are a free rider looking for something that will make you look good, turn sessions into an effortless breeze then look no further, the Passion is about as easy as kiting gets…

This review was in Issue 17 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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