Ozone Edge V10 10m 2020 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Edge V10 10m 2020

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At A Glance

Synonymous with speed and height, Ozone have hit the stratosphere with the 10th version of the ever-popular Edge. A high aspect ratio LEI kite, it has been the mainstay of the race scene until the recent switch to the more efficient foil style kite. What this has done instead is opened up the kite to the classic kitesurfing draw: big air.

The Edge V10 is made with Ozone's usual high standard of craftsmanship in their factory in Vietnam. A canopy made exclusively with Teijin Technoforce D2, and the leading edge and struts with Teijin Dacron for a superior strength vs weight ratio. Though the pully-less bridles may look super skinny, they are made this way for minimal drag and created using ultra-strong Kevlar for no loss of strength or longevity.

The Edge V10 is a 5-strut kite and has a high aspect ratio, which gives it a longer and thinner shape than a more all-round kite. New for this 10th version, the canopy profile has been modified to increase the smoothness of flight, and the wingtips have been updated to aid both the flight and turn.

There are still the classic back line tuning options on the kite to enable to you personalise the turning speed and bar pressure, and the kite features all the classic reinforcements you would expect from such a high performing kite.

Sizes: 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15,17,19 meters

The Bar

The Contact Bar has had a facelift: the results keep the same simple and stylish design we have grown to love, yet added a few key elements to make our lives even easier, the Contact V4 bar is really quite good.
Starting with the new Click-In chicken loop. Sometimes the simplest designs are best, and Ozone have produced a chicken loop which is every bit as functional as you would imagine. A moulded loop for easy hooking in and out, a releasable suicide mode, so the safety is always ready to be activated no matter your way of riding, an above-loop swivel which doesn’t lock into the bar but does sit close. The safety release is industry-standard push-away with single line re-ride, and taking inspiration from a seat belt, to reengage the release you simply click the release back into the top of the loop with one hand.

The centre line is hidden inside a PU tube, keeping everything smooth as you sheet in and out on the bar. The bar itself has had an update to the grip and colours. The new grip has been shaped slightly differently, so it sits perfectly below your fingers along the top.

The new EVA coating has been wound around the bar rather than a continuous coating; this simply adds more ridges and bumps which again aid grip; simple and very effective. Integrated bar ends and floats remain on the new Contact Bar, but now feature the additional ability to trim the back lines at the bar ends. This is super easy to do and incredibly useful.
Moving up the bar, the trim system stays the same using a racing-grade cleat, as well as the bungee trim line. The new Ozone lines came into play earlier this year and are now shipping as standard with all Ozone bars. Lighter, stronger and with less stretch than the already excellent lines.

In The Air

The Edge maintains its silky smooth feel for this tenth incarnation, and it is the drive and ease of use which have been improved upon. A predictable launch and power delivery come on, and the cleat through the bar provides excellent depower without loss of feedback or feel no matter the conditions.

Though the Edge V10 is a high aspect kite, early intermediates should not be put off if speed and height is the avenue they wish to pursue within kitesurfing. The performance is easily available and only encourages you to progress.

Upwind this kite simply flies. High aspect kites are becoming more popular in the past couple of years for the simple reason they boost huge and take no time to get you back upwind afterwards. The Edge V10 does not disappoint. Even in more marginal conditions, but getting a little bit of speed underfoot you can scream upwind with some quite alarming angles. Once powered, of course this becomes even better and much, much faster.

Jumping is clearly where the Edge V10 comes alive. Not only for the gigantic height and distance travelled (though this is pretty spectacular), but for the incredibly user-friendly ability to get to this stage in your kiting and progress so quickly. So much fun was this kite; it was our go-to for long after it should have been sent back.

Timing, though naturally crucial, can be improvised upon slightly here. As long as you do not leave that kite miles behind you or allow it to hit the water before you do, your boosts will have more hang time than you thought in those winds. Get the timing spot-on, however, with some power and speed behind you, and you will be in for the boosts of your life.

Many of your jumps will keep you in the air for so long you will need to downloop the kite to keep the kite in front of you. In these situations, the cloud-like feeling only increases as you softly float down to land with good forward speed. Send the kite into a loop, however, and be prepared for the G’s! A driving kite in its design, it will throw with huge force but be round before your eyes can refocus to bring you in for that oh-so-sweet landing.

The bar pressure has been lightened, no doubt a result of the new tip shape for the V10. This makes in-flight trickery a much more comfortable experience and powered riding much more manageable. This is not to say the feel of the kite has changed, it still maintains its lively feel through the bar, and the confidence-inspiring nature has been increased to encourage you to go higher and faster than ever before.

Relaunching is easy, low winds take a little more time but nothing major at all.


The ease of use, mammoth boosts, blistering speeds and top quality construction.


Hard to find anything we disliked with this one, for fast riding and big boosts it simply excels.


A kite which has defined an entire genre of kitesurfing, the Edge V10 is the go-to big air, big speed, big power kitesurfing kite. Built to withstand all you can throw at it, this is a kite which will see you improve and progress session after session. There is a reason these high aspect kites are becoming so much more popular, and if speed and height are your goals, then the Edge V10 is an absolute classic which you will be hard-pressed to top.


This review was in Issue 78 of IKSURFMAG.

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