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Best Kiteboarding TS 10m 2012

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At a Glance

Sadly we only got our hand on the new TS for an afternoon, so this isn’t a full test but more of a first impression. The damn things are so in demand and not available yet that we couldn’t get a longer ride on one. Expect a full review shortly.

The TS is the evolution of the Taboo which was a very popular new kite from Best last year. The basic design premise was to have 3 different kites in one range, so the larger 15 and 17m kites are very different to the medium sized and smaller sized kites. Obviously the 4, 5.5m “small” sizes are optimized for strong winds, the medium sized 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 14 are designed for moderate winds with a focus towards wave riding and new school performance and the big kites are aimed at light winds and racing. Getting the 10m out of the bag we were quite literally blown away, the attention to detail is on another level and the all over print on the kite coupled with the smart graphics really set the TS apart in the looks department. The construction is solid too and there are plenty of reinforcements in all the right areas. We should also note that every size of the TS is different, ensuring the maximum effectiveness for any given windrange.

The Bar

The new bar that Best have developed really moves on in quite a big step from the Red Line bar from last year. The side floats have gone and instead the soft EVA bull horns provide all the buoyancy the bar needs. The chicken loop has been tweaked from last years design and features no mechanical parts. It releases really easily ans is very simple to reconnect too. An above the bar webbing pull pull trim system deals with depower and trim and there is a stopper ball too. Two O’Shit handles add even more security.

In The Air

Due to the short nature of the test we never really got to try the top end out on the TS, but we were very impressed by the low end of the 10m kite. The wide wingtips and direct bar steering make it very responsive and you can generate lots of power but sweeping the kite up and down. The turning speed is quick and the bar pressure is fairly light, although of course you can trim the settings on the kite to set it up to your desired feel. The TS is one of the most responsive kites we have flown, and we can’t wait to try it out in some stronger winds. Just as soon as we can get our hands on a longer term test kite!


Excellent build quality and truly next level attention to detail in terms of the graphics. Great low end, fast and responsive… More to follow when we get to fly it in some stronger winds.

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This review was in Issue 29 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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