Takoon Lux 133 x 40cm 2010 Kitesurfing Review

Takoon Lux 133 x 40cm 2010

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At A Glance

Takoon have been quietly making great freestyle boards for years now, the last one we tested was the Data and we rated it quite highly! This year the Lux looks set to raise the bar somewhat in the board market. Aside from the stunning graphics, which make it almost good enough to eat, the Lux features a revolution in the kitesurfing board market with its 3D hull concept. We have seen boards with channels and shaping on the underside before, but the Lux features a moulded centre fin and a V shape, as opposed to a concave one, that wouldn’t look too far out of place on a wake board. This allows them to use smaller fins on the tips, which should make the board easier to control during off rotation landings. The fins are G10 and the foot straps are really comfortable underfoot. The pads are a highlight as well, featuring a really supple layer of foam on the top for added grip and comfort.

On the Water

The board feels very crisp and snappy underfoot, it is quick to accelerate up to speed and the ride is very sharp and direct. The board points well upwind, helped by the thin rails, but also the rocker line. The fins are slightly smaller than normal, 4.5cms rather than the standard 5cm; it isn’t a big difference in numbers, but you do find the fins are easier to break free for surface passes. They are also a little more forgiving than usual when you land a trick slightly off the rotation. As well as the moulded fins the Lux is one of the first boards we have seen with a V shaped bottom as opposed to the very popular concave seen on so many kiteboards. It works very well at breaking the surface tension when you are coming in for a really heavy landing. It also allows you to edge that little bit harder upwind and maintain speed without the disadvantages of a concave shape. It is certainly an interesting concept and one we are keen to see developed. The pop on the Lux is fantastic, the stiff mid section really allows you to load up the edge while the flex tips flick you into the air. We, of course, had to take the fins off to see how it rode using just the single fin, and it was very impressive. Riders who hit kickers and rails a lot will love this feature.


Great looking, interesting new 3D hull concept, easy to ride and great pop and upwind capabilities.


No real complaints from any of us here, remember this is a freestyle design though and not a free ride one, if you want rail to rail carving then check out the new Source board from Takoon.


A great board from Takoon that once again shows their ability to think of something new and make it work! If you want an uncompromising freestyle machine that makes technical landings easy then the Lux could be for you.

This review was in Issue 18 of IKSURFMAG.

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