Moses Hydrofoil T38 Ltd 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Moses Hydrofoil T38 Ltd 2019

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At A Glance

The Moses T38 Ltd is a full carbon foilboard from the Italian brand, aimed at the freeride and wave foilers out there it’s relatively short and compact. It’s a low volume design with a reasonably square outline. A full deck pad makes for a comfortable and grippy surface to stand on and you can ride it strapless or add straps using the Y configuration inserts.

Built using a carbon and foam construction it is incredibly light and also very stiff. In the tail, there is a twin-track system to allow you to connect a multitude of foils all now using this setup. The base of the board features a bevelled design with a flat strip running down the middle; there is a reasonable amount of nose rocker to help with any touchdowns too.

On The Water

Stiffness is critical with foil boards; any input from above is multiplied below so that a stiff board will translate your input directly without any unwanted chatter from any flex. The T38 Ltd is incredibly stiff and as such, makes the foil below feel like it is directly attached to your feet.

It’s not super narrow meaning there is plenty of space to move your feet around for gybes although this is a relatively small board so it might be suited to the more intermediate rider in this respect. There is just enough scoop in the nose to avoid catapulting if you do drop off the foil, however with the board being so short a bit of rider input is needed to ensure that doesn’t happen.

The short nature of the board makes it easy to turn and snap around on the wave and changing direction is natural as there is such a low swing weight. Being so low volume the board is easy to water start, and when married to a floating wing, like the Onda 633, the board will sit at the perfect angle for you to stick your feet on and go.

The T38 Ltd is best suited to the intermediate rider looking for a fun board for waves and freeriding.


A real pocket rocket, stiff, light and easy to water start, it’s got just enough shape to get you out of trouble on occasion and yet it is also relatively simple in design. If you want a low volume lightweight board to ride, then the T38 Ltd will deliver, it’s relatively small but packs a lot of fun into its stature.

This review was in Issue 76 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Moses Hydrofoil


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