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7 months ago

Scotland providing some truly epic conditions for Grant Clayton - sunny & windy, what a treat!

7 months ago

In this video, Grant Clayton takes us wingfoiling and later on a kiteboarding session around Scotland.

8 months ago

Shinn's all-new P2 1200 kite hydrofoil, developed over six years, is potentially one of the easiest and most versatile foils on the market. Mark Shinn…

8 months ago

Mark Shinn talks us through the Shinn Nubo Board V2 in this Tech Talk! Designed around a Compact Board Concept - minimising unneeded length and…

8 months ago

If you're on the hunt for a beginner set-up, you're in luck. Check out Shinn's BEGINNERS SET M 1650 offer here! What's included: NUBO 125L…

8 months ago

In this tech talk, Mark Shinn talks us through Shinn's IMPROVER SET 1400! What's included: NUBO 105L Wing Suprahydro MD Carbon 1400 Stabiliser SW42 MD…

9 months ago

Shinn's beginner Sets XL 1950 are now available! The NUBO 145 L Designed around a Compact Board Concept - minimising unneeded length and width in…

9 months ago

The Nubo v2 is Shinn's dedicated Wing foil board that combines performance and accessibility in 6 sizes to suit all riders and conditions. Designed around…

10 months ago

If you're just getting into foiling, you may be wondering which mast length is right for you. Short masts will give you a completely different…