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So, what makes Shinn’s Absinthe stand out? Mark Shinn tells us all about it in this tech talk!

Most twintips are constructed using a paulownia wood core, but when you mix that with high-modulus carbon, you end up with a twintip that’s too stiff. With the Absinthe, we’ve gone for an exotic mixture of soft and hardwoods in the core, which, when mixed with carbon, gives a very comfortable plush flex, but also an accelerated flex response.

How is the Kiteboard made?

Building on the shaping lessons learned through the development of the Slicer Split TT, we combined the Double Step tip channels with the all-new Dual-Track base to create an unrestricted water flow throughout the board’s length. Supremely fast to unstick in light winds and knife-like upwind ability don’t detract from the plushest and most engaging ride in the Prismatic range.

This Kiteboard is great in many conditions, and above all, it’s fun to ride.

More about Absinthe right here!

Thu 13th Apr, 2023 @ 3:00 pm


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