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1 week ago

Shinn are known to make some of the best boards on the market, but what is the Shinnster? Not a wave or skimboard but a…

2 weeks ago

There's no doubt that Shinnworld's makes some impressive boards, and their Superking range is right up there! Maximum fun in minimum winds with a board…

3 weeks ago

A favourite amongst debutant and experienced foilers alike, the Jackson Chromatic is lighter, stiffer and more agile than any other ABS technology foil board on…

1 month ago

On the hunt for a new board to progress with? Shinn's Pinbot Chromatic has impressive upwind performance at all power levels, unbelievable chop handling and…

1 month ago

There's no denying that Shinn produces some of the best boards on the market, and in this teaser, we're taking a look at their Chromatic…

1 month ago

Shinnworld has done it, yet again! The Bronq Chromatic is much more than just an incremental change; it’s a giant step forwards in efficiency and…

2 months ago

Shinnworlds's 2nd generation high-performance freestyle and big air board is back! Stiff enough to perform yet comfortable enough to enjoy, they've built an entirely new…

3 months ago

What is a fuselage and what size should you use? Mark Shinn gives you all the intel in this Tech Talk, featuring the Suprahydro fuselage,…

7 months ago

In this tutorial, the man himself, Mark Shinn demonstrates how to set up your surf foil. Questions? Comment below.