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1 month ago

Threshold winds have always been the toughest challenge to any kite designer. Do you make a powerful kite but sacrifice turning and playfulness, or do...

7 months ago

Pat Goodman gives us the lowdown on Cabrinha's Drifter in this tech talk! One kite that has become synonymous with Cabrinha is the Drifter. A...

9 months ago

Dive into the details of Cabrinha's all-new Nitro big air kite with kite designer Pat Goodman. For more information on Cabrinha's Nitro, please click here.

2 years ago

BIG NEWS at Cabrinha HQ! With an unrestricted approach to product design and material development, we brought together a collective of the most influential leaders...

2 years ago

Development is the backbone of Cabrinha, and to help capitalise on new opportunities and trends, they have expanded and diversified their team of designers and...

3 years ago

North Kiteboarding goes behind the design of the 2021 Orbit with Chief Kite Designer, Pat Goodman. Check out this video to find out what's new...

3 years ago

What does it take to design the winning kite at King of the Air? Chief Kite Designer, Pat Goodman explains everything you need to know...

3 years ago

THE TIME HAS COME! North Kiteboarding has spent the last twelve months designing their all-new 2021, creating a line-up that is even more refined, engineered...

4 years ago

North Kiteboarding's Chief Kite Designer, Pat Goodman, explains why the design of the Reach kite makes it the ultimate desert island kite. He goes into...