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5 months ago

Threshold winds have always been the toughest challenge to any kite designer. Do you make a powerful kite but sacrifice turning and playfulness, or do...

11 months ago

Pat Goodman gives us the lowdown on Cabrinha's Drifter in this tech talk! One kite that has become synonymous with Cabrinha is the Drifter. A...

1 year ago

Dive into the details of Cabrinha's all-new Nitro big air kite with kite designer Pat Goodman. For more information on Cabrinha's Nitro, please click here.

3 years ago

BIG NEWS at Cabrinha HQ! With an unrestricted approach to product design and material development, we brought together a collective of the most influential leaders...

3 years ago

Development is the backbone of Cabrinha, and to help capitalise on new opportunities and trends, they have expanded and diversified their team of designers and...

3 years ago

North Kiteboarding goes behind the design of the 2021 Orbit with Chief Kite Designer, Pat Goodman. Check out this video to find out what's new...

4 years ago

What does it take to design the winning kite at King of the Air? Chief Kite Designer, Pat Goodman explains everything you need to know...

4 years ago

THE TIME HAS COME! North Kiteboarding has spent the last twelve months designing their all-new 2021, creating a line-up that is even more refined, engineered...

4 years ago

North Kiteboarding's Chief Kite Designer, Pat Goodman, explains why the design of the Reach kite makes it the ultimate desert island kite. He goes into...