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2 weeks ago

Watch the Gramstrup brothers explore a newly discovered kite spot in Denmark for the first time!

3 months ago

North team rider, Lucas Gramstrup, planned the perfect escape from Denmark's cold waters and booked a two week trip to Tarifa. Did Levante deliver? Find…

4 months ago

Cold and cloudy isn't going to stop Scandinavian North Kiteboarding team rider Lucas Gramstrup from getting in a session!

6 months ago

Premiering for the first time, watch North rider Lucas Gramstrup, on a Prime session in Vorupør and Krik last weekend!

7 months ago

Danish shredder Lucas Gramstrup puts his GoPro on a linemount and takes us for a session. Enjoy the ride.

8 months ago

Join North Danish rider Lucas Gramstrup for a session on Læsø island - typical Danish weather, but they still sent it!

8 months ago

Watch Thomas Rafn chase Lucas Gramstrup with an FPV Drone during the Cold Hawaii games in Denmark!

8 months ago

Check out Scandinavian North Kiteboarding team rider Lucas Gramstrup heats during Cold Hawaii Games!

9 months ago

The Gramstrup brothers, Lucas and Ruben, have always shared a passion for watersports and pushed each other to the limits. Watch their latest video from…