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10 months ago

Check out Danish shredder Lucas Gramstrup's Lord of Tram 2021 entry vid right here!

1 year ago

Watch 16-year-old, Danish shredder, Lucas Gramstrup big air training session, right here!

1 year ago

There's no feeling quite like landing a new trick, and this one from Lucas Gramstrup is next level! Check out his kite loop board off…

1 year ago

With strong wind in the forecast, Cold Hawaii was the place to be. Check out the Gramstrup brothers (Ruben and Lucas) on their weekend trip…

1 year ago

Are you seeing double? Check out this kite loop session from the brothers Lucas and Ruben Gramstrup!

2 years ago

It's that time of the year again when all the Red Bull King of the Air entry videos come flooding in! Does Lucas Gramstrup have…

2 years ago

Does Lucas Gramstrup have what it takes? Watch this and let us know if you think he deserves a spot at the 2020 Cold Hawaii…

2 years ago

16-year-old, Danish shredder, Lucas Gramstrup, and his brother head to Cape Town for a two-week adventure - check out the highlights, right here!