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3 years ago

Turn up the volume in this one! Hawaiian watersports legends Robby Naish, Pete Cabrinha and Don Montague speak about the evolution of watersports in Hawaii,…

4 years ago

The jet foiling video is stunning. Makes this new sport look super cool! Jetfoiling in Alameda

5 years ago

This is a fascinating insight into the development of Don Montague's kiteboats. The creations he and his team have made over the years are truly incredible.…

5 years ago

While this movie wasn’t released on the web, plenty of kitesurfers have seen it and the trailer was hugely popular on our site. It’s an…

5 years ago

Don Montague is planning on breaking the record for a kite boat crossing from LA to Hawaii! We are super excited to see it unfold.…

5 years ago

Chapter One: The Kiteboard Legacy Begins had its world premiere in San Francisco on September 15th, and it was pure magic. It is the first…

5 years ago

Nick Jacobsen going hell for leather on a foiling kiteboat! Now that makes for an exciting video. Who else wants a go on Don Montague's incredible…

5 years ago

Don Montague and his crew have been out in the Kite Boat again, cruising, or should we say blasting around San Francisco Bay and even…

5 years ago

If the end of the world ever comes, and it involves a massive flood of some sort, I want to be on Team Montague! Don…