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3 days ago | 02:51

Check out what went down at the 2020 Eleveight Dealer's Meeting in Tarifa!

2 weeks ago | 7:38

We've been waiting for this one! After a year filled with more excitement, innovation, and success, Eleveight is back again with their 2020 line up…

1 month ago | 02:02

We're excited to see what Eleveight has in store for 2020! #WorkInProgress

5 months ago | 4:54

This is one for the books! Far from the crowds and civilisation, this video is about getting lost in the middle of the desert and…

9 months ago | 2:42

David Tonijuan has been competing in the world tour, but he needed to try something new. He craved that feeling of freedom on the water…

1 year ago | 1:57

STRIKE ONE The GKA Kiteboarding 'Air Games' World Tour saw its first-ever rounds of the competition run in the toughest conditions for both the judges…

1 year ago | 01:00

AKA“Handel”, David started Kiteboarding when he was 11 years old, and what started as a hobby became his whole life. His incomparable style is inspired…

2 years ago | 14:37

Brand new film alert!! Make sure you watch this hotly anticipated 15 minute production from F-ONE, doing what they do best. Everything is linked together.…

2 years ago | 12:05

This is a high quality production not to be missed. Kiting, surfing and paddling on a remote Island off the coast of mainland Canada. What…


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