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3 years ago

Kevin Langeree just dropped KEVVLOG³ #17 from Achill Island's Battle for the Lake showing off his latest look!

3 years ago

It was a little more than 10 years ago; myself and a couple of friends drove over to Achill to kite for a few days,”…

3 years ago

Recap from this year's battle! From Sept 28th-30th 2018, the lake was once again on fire! Every year, all the watersport fanatics from Ireland and…

4 years ago

KEVVLOG #223 straight out from Achill Island - watch Kev win the crowd with his signature selfies and a couple of attempts to take a…

5 years ago

Oh WOW! We guarantee you'll all want to kite the west coast of Ireland after seeing this edit! Watch Francois Colussi fall deeper in love with…